Argo: Marketing for Therapists in Private Practice

Marketing for Therapists in Private Practice

This is about you

We can help you create the practice you want. We start with your goals and your vision, relying on your values and strengths. Perhaps you want to feel comfortable marketing yourself, or develop an ongoing source of referrals. Maybe you want to have more time to work on your practice, or be able to work only with the clients you want. The journey to growing your practice starts with you.

How we think about marketing

For some therapists, the “m” word is overwhelming, paralyzing and scary. For others, it is a dirty word that should not be mixed with our mission to help and heal. For us, marketing is like psychotherapy in many ways. Marketing is about relationships. It is about understanding and empathy, about learning what makes people tick, what are their needs and concerns.

What it takes

Maybe you do not feel grad school gave you the marketing tools you need. Perhaps you associate marketing with everything you are not about. We believe growing your practice is about having the right tools and the right mindset. While we want you to stay true to who you are, our work might require you to step out of your comfort zone, challenge your beliefs, and keep an open mind.

How can we help your practice?

Marketing 101

Let's start with the basics - what is marketing anyway?

Marketing 101

Marketing is not just about sales and promotion. Marketing, like psychotherapy, is fundamentally about understanding people.

Growth Opportunities

Are you considering all the possibilities?

Growth Opportunities

Getting more clients is the main way to grow a practice, but make sure you are not missing out on other ways to grow your income.

Brand Roadmap

What does your practice stand for?

Brand Roadmap

Fact #1: Your practice is a brand. Fact #2: Branding is a journey. Realizing how your brand is unique and relevant is the first step.

Marketing Check-up

Are all your pieces in the right place?

Marketing Check-up

You are already marketing your practice, but is what you are doing impactful, consistent and efficient? Let’s take a look!

Digital Marketing

Why is everyone talking about this?

Digital Marketing

Websites, blogs, social media, email lists, SEO, webcasts. Yes, it is confusing, but we can help you make sense of all this mess!

Limiting Mindsets

What is getting in the way of your growth?

Limiting Mindsets

Many therapists hold beliefs and feelings that might be keeping them from marketing their practice and valuing their work. Are you?

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