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Marketing for Therapists in Private Practice

This is about you

We can help you create the practice you want. We will start with your goals and your vision, and rely on your values and strengths. What changes would you like to see? What opportunities would you like to pursue? Is there something keeping you from marketing your practice? I know your practice is not just a job – this is about your life and your passion.

How we think about marketing

Marketing is about relationships. It is about understanding and empathy, about learning what people need and want, what their pain points are, and how you can support them. Marketing is not about self-promotion, but about giving people the opportunity to access the value you can bring to their life. Making a profit and making a difference can coexist.

What it takes

I have an MBA, but you don’t need one to run a successful practice. What marketing requires is an open mind, the willingness to step out of your comfort zone, the capacity to put yourself in others’ shoes, a strong passion, and a clear sense of your own value. Using marketing to grow your practice is less about having the right tools than about the right mindset.

How have we been helping therapists?

The steady and clear way you guide and direct me has resulted in my feeling even better about my practice. It is interesting to me to invite my brain into a new way of considering what is already in there. And, as I learn new ways to consider my current connections and grow new ones, my practice has become more productive. It is a highly satisfying investment.

Margaret Moore, LCSW, Independent Clinician

Working with Santiago at Argo has been an invaluable, eye-opening experience. He was able to help our practice develop a better and more concentrated marketing strategy. He also aided us in understanding the strengths and niches of each of our clinicians, and ways we can use that understanding to reach a larger audience. Besides working on “big picture” concepts, Santiago gave us concrete suggestions that have already begun to bear fruit. I would recommend his services to anyone seeking to optimize the market share of their practice or small business.

Michael Blumberg, LCPC, Founder and Owner, Glenview Counseling Group

When Santiago Delboy presented to the NSAP, he provided us with an orientation to thinking about business and marketing that was clear and also consonant with our values as caregiving professionals. Combining his knowledge of marketing with his training as a psychotherapist, he can understand both sides of this equation. I felt more focused and more able to address the needs of my practice as a business, and I had a better sense of how to go about designing and implementing strategies to define it and build it.

Nice job on your presentation! Your materials were awesome, you were engaging and I was inspired. You might want to think about publishing some of your ideas specific to the business of social work!

Attendee, 'Marketing: More Than You Think', National Association of Social Workers (Illinois Chapter)

This presentation was so informative and helpful for wrapping my head around the idea of branding. Santiago’s obvious knowledge of the content and superb delivery made this a very enjoyable, helpful, and definitely relevant workshop!

Attendee, 'Using Branding To Grow Your Practice', American Group Psychotherapy Association

After a brief in-person meeting and my awe of his website, I asked Santiago Delboy if he would consider re-doing my website. We had one brief phone call and several emails, and ta-da! my website is not only done, but it was done by someone who read my mind and outdid my creativity.

Lynn Zakeri, LCSW, Independent Clinician

What a pleasure it has been to work with you! We found you to be competent, responsive, enlightening, and direct. We are thrilled with the website, and feel like it captures the true essence of our vision. We will be recommending you most highly to our colleagues!

Shana Nicholas, PsyD, and Elissa Noble, PsyD, Co-Founders, Nicholas & Noble Psychological Associates

How can we help your practice?

Marketing 101

If you don't feel comfortable with the idea of marketing, we need to talk.

Marketing 101

Marketing is not just about sales and promotion. Marketing, like psychotherapy, is fundamentally about understanding people.

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Growth Opportunities

It is myopic to think that you can only grow by seeing more patients.

Growth Opportunities

Getting more clients is the main way to grow a practice, but make sure you are not missing out on other ways to grow your income.

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Brand Roadmap

Can you articulate what your personal or practice brand stands for?

Brand Roadmap

Let’s talk about what makes you unique and relevant for the people you want to reach, and how to engage them in a consistent way.

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Marketing Check-up

Let's make sure your marketing is consistent, efficient, and impactful.

Marketing Check-up

People develop an impression of your practice through every interaction they have with you and your marketing activities. Are you being consistent?

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Digital Marketing

You know you have to have a website, but what about everything else?

Digital Marketing

Let’s not get overwhelmed. First things first: get a good, effective website that looks and sounds like you. Then we can worry about everything else digital.

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Limiting Mindsets

In how many ways are you being an obstacle to your own growth?

Limiting Mindsets

Many therapists hold beliefs and feelings that might keep them from marketing their practice and valuing their work. Are you one of them?

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