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Our mission

We help therapists grow their private practice. Our goal is to help clinicians get comfortable with the idea of marketing, increase their trust in their ability to market their work, provide an alternative look at their marketing efforts, and offer the marketing tools, concepts and frameworks they need.

We believe in providing actionable guidance, but also in the need for underlying principles to plan marketing activities and execute them with consistency and effectiveness. Our work is about collaboration. Every practice is different so we strive to work together to learn about each therapist’s value, strengths and skills.

What’s in a name?

Argo is the name ship that took Jason, a hero from Greek mythology, in the journey to fulfill his destiny.

Jason’s father, king of Iolcus, was betrayed by his brother, who usurped the throne. The infant Jason escaped and was raised by the centaur Chiron, a famous trainer and mentor of multiple Greek heroes. When Jason became an adult, he returned to Iolcus to claim the kingdom. His uncle offered the kingdom in return in exchange for the Golden Fleece, a precious item guarded by a dragon in a kingdom beyond the end of the known world.

In order to accomplish his mission, Jason received the help of the gods, ordered the construction of a boat, the Argo, and put together a legendary crew, the Argonauts. The ship took the heroes across the sea, navigating through several challenges and adventures. The Argo helped Jason overcome multiple obstacles, complete his journey to the end of the world, fulfill his mission and claim the kingdom he rightfully deserved.

Like the Argo ship, our mission is to help you get you and your practice to your destination. You are the hero in this journey. We will take you there.

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