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Marketing Resources for Therapists

We have compiled a list of tools and marketing resources for therapists. Just scroll down or click on any of the categories below. This is an evolving list so come back for updates. If you know of a useful, interesting or just awesome resource we are missing, please let us know!

Please read the disclaimer.

Marketing Materials

Vistaprint – Mostly used for business cards, they offer other print and promotional materials

Moo – Higher end business cards and cool designs

Staples – Business cards, brochures and other print materials

Fun Impressions – Many types of promotional materials and giveaways

Quality Logo Products – Dozens of types of promotional materials

Design and Visuals

Photos for you website – Most sites are free and allow you to freely use their photos, but make sure you follow each website’s copyright’s guidelines!

Flickr – Search thousands of images. In your search results, make sure you filter for Creative Commons Only and Commercial Use Allowed, if you plan to use them on your website or blog.



Superfamous Studios







Shutterstock – mostly paid, but you can find some free photos as well.

DIY Design – Very cool tools to create your own designs, add effects, use free images, etc.

Canva – Create a design for social media, blogs, ads, marketing materials, and more.

Pic Monkey – Edit and touch up photos, create designs and collages

Logos – Get inspired or purchase a logo for your practice

Logo Pond – Browse hundreds of logos for inspiration

Identity View – Browse logos and contact their designers.

99 Designs, ready made logos – find and purchase pre-designed logos (it is usually cheaper than hiring a designer to create one)

Power Point templates – Find slide backgrounds, templates and photos for presentations (or your website).

PPT Backgrounds

Wallpapers 55

Other design tools

Image Color Picker – If you want to use the exact same color you saw in another image, upload that image and let this tool tell you the code for the color you want.

Color Picker – Find the color you like from a virtual palette, and find out its code so you can use it in your designs.

Flat Icon – Browse thousands of free icons. Don’t know what we mean by “icons”? Just click and see for yourself!

The Pattern Library – Small but cool selection of free patterns.

Digital Marketing

Therapist listings – People may have different opinions about how effective they are. Our opinion is that you have to be there. It is not just a question of effectiveness, but legitimacy in the online world. It is a justified business expense.

Psychology Today

Good Therapy

Hosting providers – These are the companies that, when you create a website, may need to “host” your website on their computers so that it is available online 24/7.


Go Daddy

Green Host

Host Gator

Content Management – These are the platforms you actually use to create your website. The platforms below don’t require you to be a web programmer or anything close.




WordPress Themes – If you choose to use WordPress, you have a lot of themes to choose from. A theme defines the look and feel of your website, its funcionality, etc.

Theme Forest

Theme Trust

Viva Themes

Website templates – A number of therapists prefer to use pre-made templates like the ones offered before. Some therapists feel this is easier to set up, but also find some issues (e.g., higher monthly cost, you don’t actually own the site, some may find templates restrictive). Still, it is an option some may choose to consider.

Brighter Vision

Therapy Sites

Shrink Wr@p

Web analytics – Know if your website is getting traffic or not.

Google Analytics

Google Ads and Keywords – Even if you don’t buy Google Ads, knowing what keywords to use is important to optimize your website.

Google Ads – Find out what search terms and keywords are more attractive

Spy Fu – Take a look at what other therapists are doing with Google Ads (you need to use their website address)

Search Engine Optimization – This is basically what you need to do in order to be found on Google. Yes, it is that important.

The Beginners Guide to SEO (by MOZ) – One of the most comprehensive sources there is. Worth the read.

Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress – If you have created your website using WordPress, you must use this. The plugin tells you what you need to do to optimize each page.

Backlinking Strategy (by Pat Flynn) – This might be a bit advanced article, but it is a good way to create more traffic for your website.

Social media – You already know the usual suspects (Facebook, LinkedIn, Tweeter, Pinterest, Google+). If you are very active there, these tools might help.

Buffer – Use it to organize and schedule your social media postings, without having to be on the computer all the time.

Hootsuite – Use it to organize and schedule your social media postings, without having to be on the computer all the time.

Email marketing – Keep your referral sources, clients and potential clients engaged.

Mail Chimp – Free to use for up to 2000 subscribers.

Aweber – Another good option with more features.

Anti-spam regulation – If you don’t want to break any anti-spam laws when you email people, read this!

20 tips for better emails (from VERO) – Great post on how to make your email campaigns more effective.

Media Outreach

Help a Reporter Out – Connect with reporters wanting your expertise and get media publicity for your practice.

Tips to connect with the media (from Copyblogger) – 109 tips to promote your business with the media.


Find freelancers to outsource anything you can imagine!



99 Designs – Specialized in graphic design.

Other Resources

Trello – Cool platform to manage projects, collaborate and share with your team.

Contactually – CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software to organize your contacts, referral sources, colleagues and business partners to make sure you keep them engaged.

Disclaimer: Our goal is to offer access to online resources for your convenience. By accessing any of these resources, you understand and agree that Argo Marketing Consulting, LLC, is not responsible for their content, functionality, accuracy or availability, and is not liable or responsible for any issues, claims, or losses resulting from the use of the resources posted on this page, or elsewhere on the Argo website.

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